Hillstone Networks E-1100W

Rozwiązanie dla małych firm

zalecany dla 10-25 komputerów

porównanie modelicertyfikaty i testyzamów demo

specyfikacja techniczna


Model E-1100W to kompaktowe rozwiązanie NGFW wyposażane w moduł WiFi

Next Generation Firewall Hillstone Networks E-1600 to wydajne urządzenie w niewielkiej obudowie typu desktop, stworzone w celu usprawnienia zarządzania bezpieczeństwem dla niewielkich firm. Mimo niewielkich rozmiarów UTM posiada zaawansowane systemy ochrony sieci firmowej takie jak wykrywanie włamywaczy Botnet preventions, Antywirus, IPS, WebFilter oraz ochrona sieciowa Atack Defense, DDos, Flood i inne.









Ilość sesji



GBE+WiFi a/b/g/n

WiFi a/b/g/n daleki zasieg wysoka predkość

Dzięki wygodnemu agentowi VPN SSL Firewall Hillstone Networks jest szybkim sposobem do połączenia z stacji klienckich. Pozwoli Ci to bez problemu zainstalować SSL VPN na systemach Windows, Linux oraz MacOS.

Wybrane systemy ochrony sieci


Antywirusowa ochrona
sygnaturowe zapobieganie przed infekcją Trojanami, Rotkitami, Ransomware i innymi malware.


icons8-antivirus-100 (1)
Intrusion Prevention System
wykrywa podatności i zapobiega wtargnięciu intruza oraz załadowaniu exploita.


Web Application Firewall
zapobiega atakom na serwery i ich usługi np.poczty e-mail, RDP, XSS, SQL injection i inne.

C&C Prevention

icons8-hacker-100 (1)
Botnet C&C Preventions
wykrywa i zrywa komunikacje pomiędzy włamywaczem a zinfiltrowanymi hostami 

Atack Defence

icons8-networking-manager-100 (1)
Moduł Attack Defence
wykrywa i zapobiega atakom bocznym w sieci lokalnej, blokuje wzajemne infekcje hostów

SSL Inspection

Inspekcja SSL
pomaga wykryć działalność włamywacza lub wirusa nawet w zaszyfrowanym ruchu

Pełna lista funkcjonalności NGFW

Threat Correlation Analytics
  • Correlation among unknown threats, abnormal behavior and application behavior to discover potential threat or attacks
  • Multi-dimension correlation rules, automatic daily update from the cloud
Advanced Threat Detection
  • Behavior-based advanced malware detection
  • Detection of more than 2000 known and unknown malware families including Virus, Worm, Trojan, Overflow etc.
  • Real-time, online, malware behavior model database update
Abnormal Behavior Detect
  • Behavior modeling based on L3-L7 baseline traffic to reveal anomalous network behavior, such as HTTP scanning, Spider, SPAM, SSH/FTP weak password
  • Detection of DDoS including Flood, Sockstress, zip of death, reflect, DNS query, SSL DDos and application DDoS
    Supports inspection of encrypted tunneling traffic for unknown applications
  • Real-time, online, abnormal behavior model database update
Threat Visibility and Mitigation
  • Network risk index, critical assets and host risk status, host and threat risk severity and certainty
  • Kill chain mapping of threat events on each host
  • Threat forensic including threat analysis, knowledge base, history and PCAP.
  • Predefined and customized mitigation rules
  • Support threat whitelist
Network services
  • Dynamic routing (OSPF, BGP, RIPv2)
  • Static and policy routing
  • Route controlled by application
  • Built-in DHCP, NTP, DNS server and DNS proxy
  • Tap mode—connect to SPAN port
    Interface modes: sniffer, port aggregated, loopback, VLANS (802.1Q and trunking)
  • L2/L3 switching & routing
  • Virtual wire (Layer 1) transparent inline deployment
  • Operating modes: NAT/route, transparent (bridge), and mixed mode
  • Policy objects: predefined, custom, and object grouping
  • Security policy based on application, role and geo-location
  • Application Level Gateways and session support: MSRCP, PPTP, RAS, RSH, SIP, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, dcerpc, dns-tcp, dns-udp, H.245 0, H.245 1, H.323
  • NAT and ALG support: NAT46, NAT64, NAT444, SNAT, DNAT, PAT, Full Cone NAT, STUN
  • NAT configuration: per policy and central NAT table
  • VoIP: SIP/H.323/SCCP NAT traversal, RTP pin holing
  • Global policy management view
  • Security policy redundancy inspection, policy group, policy configuration rollback
  • Policy Assistant for easy detailed policy deployment
  • Policy analyzing and invalid policy cleanup
  • Comprehensive DNS policy
  • Schedules: one-time and recurring
Intrusion Prevention
  • Protocol anomaly detection, rate-based detection, custom signatures, manual, automatic push or pull signature updates, integrated threat encyclopedia
  • IPS Actions: default, monitor, block, reset (attackers IP or victim IP, incoming interface) with expiry time
  • Packet logging option
  • Filter Based Selection: severity, target, OS, application or protocol
  • IP exemption from specific IPS signatures
  • IDS sniffer mode
  • IPv4 and IPv6 rate based DoS protection with threshold settings against TCP Syn flood, TCP/UDP/SCTP port scan, ICMP sweep, TCP/UDP/SCIP/ICMP session flooding (source/destination)
  • Active bypass with bypass interfaces
  • Predefined prevention configuration
  • Manual, automatic push or pull signature updates
  • Flow-based Antivirus: protocols include HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP/SFTP
  • Compressed file virus scanning
Attack Defense
  • Abnormal protocol attack defense
  • Anti-DoS/DDoS, including SYN Flood, DNS Query Flood defense
  • ARP attack defense
URL Filtering
  • Flow-based web filtering inspection
  • Manually defined web filtering based on URL, web content and MIME header
  • Dynamic web filtering with cloud-based real-time categorization database: over 140 million URLs with 64 categories (8 of which are security related)
  • Web filtering profile override: allows administrator to temporarily assign different profiles to user/group/IPAdditional web filtering features:
    • Filter Java Applet, ActiveX and/or cookie
    • Block HTTP Post
    • Log search keywords
    • Exempt scanning encrypted connections on certain categories for privacy
  • Web filter local categories and category rating override
  • Real-time Spam Classification and Prevention
  • Confirmed Spam, Suspected Spam, Bulk Spam, Valid Bulk
  • Protection Regardless of the language, format, or content of the message
  • Support both SMTP and POP3 email protocols
  • Inbound and outbound detection
  • White lists to allow emails from trusted domains
  • Upload malicious files to cloud sandbox for analysis
  • Support protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, POP3, IMAP, SMTP and FTP
  • Support file types including PE,ZIP, RAR, Office, PDF, APK, JAR and SWF
  • File transfer direction and file size control
  • Provide complete behavior analysis report for malicious files
  • Global threat intelligence sharing, real-time threat blocking
  • Support detection only mode without uploading files
Botnet C&C Prevention
  • Discover intranet botnet host by monitoring C&C connections and block further advanced threats such as botnet and ransomware
  • Regularly update the botnet server addresses
  • prevention for C&C IP and domain
  • Support TCP, HTTP, and DNS traffic detection
  • IP and domain whitelists
IP Reputation
  • Identify and filter traffic from risky IPs such as botnet hosts, spammers, Tor nodes, breached hosts, and brute force attacks
  • Logging, dropping packets, or blocking for different types of risky IP traffic
  • Regular IP reputation signature database upgrade
SSL Decryption
  • Application identification for SSL encrypted traffic
  • IPS enablement for SSL encrypted traffic
  • AV enablement for SSL encrypted traffic
  • URL filter for SSL encrypted traffic
  • SSL Encrypted traffic whitelist
  • SSL proxy offload mode
Endpoint Identification and Control
  • Support to identify endpoint IP, endpoint quantity, on-line time, off-line time, and on-line duration
  • Support 10 operation systems including Windows, iOS, Android, etc.
  • Support query based on IP, endpoint quantity, control policy and status etc.
  • Support the identification of accessed endpoints quantity across layer 3, logging and interference on overrun IP
  • Redirect page display after custom interference operation
  • Supports blocking operations on overrun IP
Data Security
  • File transfer control based on file type, size and name
  • File protocol identification, including HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3
  • File signature and suffix identification for over 100 file types
  • Content filtering for HTTP-GET, HTTP-POST, FTP and SMTP protocols
  • IM identification and network behavior audit
  • Filter files transmitted by HTTPS using SSL Proxy
Application control
  • Over 3,000 applications that can be filtered by name, category, subcategory, technology and risk
  • Each application contains a description, risk factors, dependencies, typical ports used, and URLs for additional reference
  • Actions: block, reset session, monitor, traffic shaping
  • Identify and control applications in the cloud
  • Provide multi-dimensional monitoring and statistics for applications running in the cloud, including risk category and characteristics
Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Max/guaranteed bandwidth tunnels or IP/user basis
  • Tunnel allocation based on security domain, interface, address, user/user group, server/server group, application/app group, TOS, VLAN
  • Bandwidth allocated by time, priority, or equal bandwidth sharing
  • Type of Service (TOS) and Differentiated Services (DiffServ) support
  • Prioritized allocation of remaining bandwidth
  • Maximum concurrent connections per IP
  • Bandwidth allocation based on URL category
  • Bandwidth limit by delaying access for user or IP
  • Automatic expiration cleanup and manual cleanup of user used traffic
Server Load balancing
  • Weighted hashing, weighted least-connection, and weighted round-robin
  • Session protection, session persistence and session status monitoring
  • Server health check, session monitoring and session protection
  • IPSec VPN:
    • IPSEC Phase 1 mode: aggressive and main ID protection mode
    • Peer acceptance options: any ID, specific ID, ID in dialup user group
    • Supports IKEv1 and IKEv2 (RFC 4306)
    • Authentication method: certificate and pre-shared key
    • IKE mode configuration support (as server or client)
    • DHCP over IPSEC
    • Configurable IKE encryption key expiry, NAT traversal keep alive frequency
    • Phase 1/Phase 2 Proposal encryption: DES, 3DES, AES128, AES192, AES256
    • Phase 1/Phase 2 Proposal authentication: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
    • Phase 1/Phase 2 Diffie-Hellman support: 1,2,5
    • XAuth as server mode and for dialup users
    • Dead peer detection
    • Replay detection
    • Autokey keep-alive for Phase 2 SA
  • SSL VPN realm support: allows multiple custom SSL VPN logins associated with user groups (URL paths, design)
  • IPSEC VPN configuration options: route-based or policy based
  • IPSEC VPN deployment modes: gateway-to-gateway, full mesh, hub-and-spoke, redundant tunnel, VPN termination in transparent mode
  • One time login prevents concurrent logins with the same username
  • SSL portal concurrent users limiting
  • SSL VPN port forwarding module encrypts client data and sends the data to the application server
  • Supports clients that run iOS,Android,and Windows XP/Vista including 64-bit Windows OS
  • Host integrity checking and OS checking prior to SSL tunnel connections
  • MAC host check per portal
  • Cache cleaning option prior to ending SSL VPN session
  • L2TP client and server mode, L2TP over IPSEC, and GRE over IPSEC
  • View and manage IPSEC and SSL VPN connections
  • PnPVPN
  • Management over IPv6, IPv6 logging and HA
  • IPv6 tunneling, DNS64/NAT64 etc.
  • IPv6 routing including static routing, policy routing, ISIS, RIPng, OSPFv3 and BGP4+
  • IPS, Application identification, URL filtering, Anti-Virus, Access control, ND attack defense
  • Track address detection
  • System resource allocation to each VSYS
  • CPU virtualization
  • Non-root VSYS support firewall, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, IPS, URL filtering
  • VSYS monitoring and statistic
High availability
  • Redundant heartbeat interfaces
  • Active/Active and Active/Passive
  • Standalone session synchronization
  • HA reserved management interface
  • Failover:
    • Port, local & remote link monitoring
    • Stateful failover
    • Sub-second failover
    • Failure notification
  • Deployment options:
    • HA with link aggregation
    • Full mesh HA
    • Geographically dispersed HA
User and Device Identity
  • Local user database
  • Remote user authentication: TACACS+, LDAP, Radius, Active
  • Single-sign-on: Windows AD
  • 2-factor authentication: 3rd party support, integrated token server with physical and SMS
  • User and device-based policies
  • User group synchronization based on AD and LDAP
  • Support for 802.1X, SSO Proxy
  • WebAuth page customization
  • Interface based Authentication
  • Agentless ADSSO (AD Polling)
  • Use authentication synchronization based on SSO-monitor
  • Support MAC-based user authentication
  • Management access: HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, telnet, console
  • Central management: Hillstone Security Manager (HSM), web service APIs
  • System integration: SNMP, syslog, alliance partnerships
  • Rapid deployment: USB auto-install, local and remote script execution
  • Dynamic real-time dashboard status and drill-in monitoring widgets
  • Language support: English
Logs & reporting
  • Logging facilities: local memory and storage (if available), multiple syslog servers and multiple Hillstone Security Audit (HSA) platforms
  • Encrypted logging and log integrity with HSA scheduled batch log uploading
  • Reliable logging using TCP option (RFC 3195)
  • Detailed traffic logs: forwarded, violated sessions, local traffic, invalid packets
  • Comprehensive event logs: system and administrative activity audits, routing & networking, VPN, user authentications, WiFi related events
  • IP and service port name resolution option
  • Brief traffic log format option
  • Three predefined reports: Security, Flow and network reports
  • User defined reporting
  • Reports can be exported in PDF, Word and HTML via Email and FTP
Statistics and Monitoring
  • Application, URL, threat events statistic and monitoring
  • Real-time traffic statistic and analytics
  • System information such as concurrent session, CPU, Memory and temperature
  • iQOS traffic statistic and monitoring, link status monitoring
  • Support traffic information collection and forwarding via Netflow (v9.0)

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